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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Green Chimneys, Sunday June 7th, 2009

On Sunday, we went to Green Chimneys, (a children's school) where my boyfriend grew up. . . they had Raptor Day there. . .

We had a great day!! Visit my post at Silk Creek Portal to see a couple pics;)))

Hopefully, I will be blogging more again soon! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

So I been thinking . . . A beginning to a story maybe. . . Or maybe this is how it SHOULD be. . .

I actually started this about a year ago & never got around to posting it out. . . I just had it saved as a draft. . . so here is the beginnings. . . and I will probably add more. . . I published that draft but it's way back in Nov '07, so I am reposting as a new post to bring it up to the front.

ok . . . So I been doing a lot of thinking . . . Ok so it's not THAT uncommon, but I don't blog about what I think about personally too much . . ok well sometimes, I do, but usually it's in relation to some once else - like the kids. . . or something specific that irkes me. . Let me know what ya think of this;)

Ok, I am rambling, I'm sorry. So here goes. . .

Driving today past some fields (where corn grew earlier this year), I was thinking about how life sux a lot, things are getting so insanely ridiculously priced. . . soon people will not be able to buy things they NEED let alone WANT to have. . .

So, I was making up this little story.

Ms Bettie lived in a "small country town" named Best. Ms Bettie had a big farm that her & her husband worked with their family over the years of their marriage. Her husband passed away a few years ago & Ms Bettie's family tried to get her to sell the home & property. They told her it was too much for her now that dad was gone.Ms Bettie thought about what her children (all grown children) had discussed with her. After a few days, Ms Bettie had her children come see her again, to talk to them about her decision. She told her children that she was not going to sell their family home.

"What did you say mama?" One of her sons asked.

"Matthew, your father & I, and many of our friends, worked hard on building this home. Your father & I, and again, many of our friends helped make this farm what it is today. Much hard work went to this farm, but also love. In return, much love has come from this farm. Things are getting to hard for families & I am going to make a change in our community." Ms Bettie told her children.

"Mama, you are an elderly woman. You will not be able to make a difference on your own." he daughter, Jane told her.

"On my own, maybe not. But on my own, I can make a valuable contribution to my community, which can help bring about a change people depsperately need these days." Ms Bettie told them.

The children were confused and doubtful of what their mother would be able to do at her age. They were also concerned for her safety. They feared she may fall & hurt herself, or something else!

Well, for a couple years now, Ms. Bettie had been growing corn. What she didn't realize is that she was already helping some. But, this help would turn into a much larger thing as she would soon start to realize.

Ms Bettie's close friend and neighbor, Martha & her family got corn from Ms Bettie every year. Ms Bettie did not charge them a thing. Ms Bettie had been doing this a long time & she did a great job. She also grew a few other vegetables & fruits in her large garden behind her home. Even after canning and freezing for winter, she always had some to share. The only thing that had gotten harder for her was the work of doing more herself since her husband had passed away. Her children came & helped when they could. No one thought about it much, but there were several neighbors that also came by & helped Ms Bettie whenever they could. Although many people could only spare a bit of time each day, it was that help she needed & got them through the times that was a lot of hard labor - such as harvesting time.

Martha & her husband were younger than Ms Bettie. Martha & John raised cattle. It was a "large scale" operation, but enough for them, their childrens' families, many friends, and even several to sell for other things they may need. They always made sure Ms Bettie got what she needed for the year at slaughter time. They were able to do such generous things because Ms Bettie had provided them with feed corn.

Another neighbor was Sue-Sue, as many of the children called her. She was a mid-life woman who lived with her sister. Sue-Sue had never gotten married, but loved the neighborhood children. She was like an aunt to the whole neighborhood of children. She even had a yard full of toys for when they came over to play. She had babysat most of them, and being a fabulous midwife, had even delivered a good deal of them! Sue & her sister were fabulous seamstresses. Sewing, quilting, needlework, and other hand crafts had been passed down through their family from back in the day, generations ago. Sue & her sister often provided sewing services for anyone in the community that needed them. They often did this for free, or for very low, modest fees. They never charged anyone they knew was too poor to pay, even if they tried. They always watched for bargains, or materials they could use in their sewing, such as wool someone was keeping for a sheep, or various other sewing supplies. They made fabulous quilts. They often made about 8 a year, between them, and sometimes more, or less, depending how the year went, and how supplies were. They always made one for new babies that were born, or if the one they had made an older child was wearing out. They often implemented the worn out quilt pieces into the new somehow. They would also use bits of the child's outgrown clothing, and things like that. Whatever they used, everyone always loved their quilts and they always kept everyone warm. The extra quilts the sisters made during the year went for sale at the quilt show, and often made them enough (or more than enough) to get supplies they needed for home, or sewing. Somehow, they always managed with what they had. . . and manaed to get by well enough they weren't in need. Sue & her sister also got meat from Martha & her husband. The sisters returned the favor by helping deliver calves, feeding, and of course, sewing. They had also helped with the children, various babysitting adventures, or delivering a child. They had delivered 4 of Martha's children. The sisters also got corn from Ms Bettie. They made or used it for various things, like other people int he community. They dropped in and visited with Ms Bettie - often sewing at her home while visiting her to keep her company while she was canning or cooking something. They also helped with this things, too, so they could have canned or cooked items to share with the community. They helped her at harvest time if needed, or planting, or whatever she did need. Sometimes, it was just a visit & tea.

Bob & Jeannie was another couple in Best. Bob & Jennie raised chickens, ducks, geese & turkeys. They loved their birds, but most of the raised birds were for eating. They did have some that were pets, and they roamed all over, making visits here & there to people in the neighborhood. The kids loved it. Bob & Jeannie raised more than enough birds for their whole community. They often had plenty to sell to neighboring towns and they always got praises for their labor of love with their birds. Often times, they would get calls mid-year, to put in orders for slaughter time. They often had a good idea of who would be wanting what in the following year. Bob & Jeannie also got corn from Ms Bettie. They got meat from Marhta & her husband. And of course, Sue & her sister helped with children and sewing ventures. Bob & Jeannie had 7 boys. Many of these boys helpd all over the community. All of them had been working their own property "since birth", as they say. As they got older & learned more things, the boys helped their parents when they went to other peoples' homes to give a hand - like to Ms Bettie's to help with the corn. After awhile, the boys, one by one, got old enough that they didn't need to be supervised by their parents when they went to help. So, it helped even more because the boys could go around & do jobs that needed down for neighbors, without having the need of a watchful eye of their parents. Their parents then were able to get even more done at home.

And while this is so rare in almost all other communities in the world, this was the "norm" for the children in their town. Boys did a lot of hard labor - field work, garbage details, slaughter time, etc. The girls had other chores. They helped the sisters whenever needed with sewing chores that they may need, or trips to town to get the needed items for families. The girls also helped with laundry - for their home or others, if needed, watching & caring for smaller children, cooking and canning activities, and cleaning homes. So, it was not a worry if you did not have a son - or a daughter, because soon, someone's child would be around to see if you needed help that day.

Joanna & Mel had an unusual area. They had moved to Best about 40 years ago because they were tired of the big city life. They had bought a large plot of land, and they worked to build their home. Over the next 20 or so years, Mel & Joanna had decided they wanted to no longer pay their money to the electric companies to supple the energy for their homes. They worked a way they could use the solar panels purchased at the store, to harvest the solar energy. They set up this service for the town. What happened was that they figured out rough ideas of everyone's needs, and allowed for a certain growth rate - if some new families came in. The town worked together to be sure they could get the solar panels & supplies needed & all worked together to set this up. They then made sure everyone was switched over to the solar system of energy, and off the electrical energy that cost them so much. This saved some families saved $1500 or more a year by doing this. For others, it was even more, due to the various activities at the home. It took many years, and even a few trials to get this done for the community. But, working together, they got it all worked out and going, in about 6 years. Mel & Joanna did not have children, because things were so hard in the world. They didn't know what the world would be like when their children were adults, or if the children would even be able to work & earn enought o care for themselves. After the solar system of energy was set up, and running well, there was minimal maintenace that needed to be done, that they took care of, so they also went around and helped in the community where they were needed. They also cared for children, and were like "grandparents" in their community.

What Ms Bettie & her children did not realize, was that she had already made a tremendous difference in her community. She did not think of it because it was the way her life was. . .It was what she knew & the "norm" for them. . . She didn't think of this, except for times she had to go to another town. Then she was so happy & greatful for her home & community. She knew she had such a rare & wonderful thing.


I can't believe its been over a year since I posted here! It sure doesn't seem like THAT long ago!! CRAZY!!!
So, here's my kids on 11-29-08. I last posted anything to do with the kids in early Nov 2007. Let's see! Since then, a few things have happened!!
My older 2 girls (Dariyn (L) & Kymberlee (R)) are now 6th graders! Jesse, my son (front L) is a 4th grader & my youngest, Rayna, there on the front R is in 1st grade. She is doing well & is now talking & participating in school! All my children are doing well in school.
Kymberlee is 12 & 1/2 and will be 13 in April 2009. Dariyn is 11 & 1/2 and will be 12 in April 2009. Jesse turned 9 in October 2008. Rayna will be turning 7 on Christmas Eve!
Many other things have also happened over th last year. My ex-husband & I became seperated & are working on a divorce. Things are ok & I am ok with it now. I really wasn't in the beginning & was really falling apart!! Really bad!! But I dealt with & now, I too, am moving on.
It's been a crazy year. . . and I have lost a lot. . . But I have gained too. I try to keep going forward, it's all I can do.

Monday, December 24, 2007


(see post =
Please look, please help me come home!!My name is Rage! I am friendly! I get along with kids & pets!! I went missing from home please help me come back!RAGE has NO ID on him right now because he slipped his collar!! He is an older dog (7)!! Special dietary concerns, as he looses weight RAPIDLY in winter if not fed several meals a day!! Also, only eats a certain type of food that keeps weight on him, esp. during winter!!!He is a short, stocky brindle Staffordshire terrier!! PLEASE call my home if you see me 6261000 My mommy will come get me!!

Visit Rage's page at:

Monday, November 12, 2007


Today we went up to my mom's. We went up to town & went for a walk.

Here's a pic of my mom & Jesse by the Beekman Arms (in Rhinebeck).

Here is a pic of a Memorial - headstone - I thought it was a good photo for today!

Then a pretty red tree!! Love the colors!!!
This afternoon, my son has his checkup. So we will get to see if he gained any weight! LOL He turned 8 yrs old on 10-6, and weighs @ 40-43lbs! He's a little toothpick. Rayna is catching him fast. Rayna had her checkup on Tues Oct 30th. I don't remember her stats offhand tho - I did copy her checkup paper, so I will look at that later when I get home. Dariyn went back in Sept (11th). Kymberlee has her checkup in Jan. I'll update about his app later on tonight.
UPDATE: 9:37pm - Jesse was 45" tall & 44lbs at his app today. She said he is doing good though, & growing right along his own curve well. Those of you that know about those kid growth charts - there's that curve in the middle of the chart that "most" kids are in. . . well he is pretty low below the BOTTOM curve! lol He got 1 shot. He did well.
The next apps coming up - Jaymz has one sometime this month, then Dariyn goes to the dentist on the 29th - she has a broken tooth. Rayna goes the same day, for her very first dental app. I don't know how it will go.